What Makes a Top-Quality Dissertation: an Overview

To get a master’s degree, you’ll have to write a dissertation among other things. Composing such a large and complex academic project is rather difficult. To succeed in this task, you should learn what components make an outstanding paper. Without this knowledge, you might miss some important details creating your document.

Elements of an Outstanding Dissertation

A catchy title.

The name of your paper should be informative and attention-grabbing. Try to compose your title within the twelve words limit.

A summarizing abstract.

Your abstract should briefly describe the contents of an entire paper. Word limits for abstracts might differ depending on your university.

A clear introduction.

The opening chapter of your paper should present the goals and scope of your research. Describe key terms and concepts in the introduction.

A thorough literature review.

You should let the reader know about previous research in your area that you base your own work upon.

A detailed description of methods.

Your audience should be able to replicate your study after reading your paper, so it’s important to describe every action that you’ve performed to achieve your goals.

A presentation and discussion of results.

Demonstrate the outcomes of your study in raw figures first. Then, you should discuss the meaning and significance of your results.

A clever conclusion.

This chapter should just summarize the contents of previous chapters and suggest a few directions for the reader to continue your research.

A complete bibliography.

Lastly, you should list every book, article, academic paper, and any other material that you consulted during your study.

Steps to Take During Your Work

You should organize your work in a proper order if you want to succeed. Here is the right sequence of actions:

  • Selecting a topic;
  • Carrying out a study;
  • Outlining a dissertation;
  • Composing a draft;
  • Proofreading a draft;
  • Formatting and finalizing a document.

If you cannot come up with a good topic on your own, consult your professor on this matter. They should also be able to help you with conducting your research and outlining your paper.

Come up with the final title of your project right before you format your document. This way, it’ll definitely meet the contents of your actual paper. Strictly follow your assignment guidelines to format your paper in accordance with all requirements of your university.