A List Of Fresh Dissertation Topics For Fashion Marketing

A dissertation is a very important course, that every student must undertake before the completion of their academics. Primarily because it helps the students develop an in-depth knowledge of a particular course. Secondarily because it helps assess, test and therefore evaluate the knowledge of the student in a particular scope of field.
A dissertation is a task where in the student assumes complete responsibility on his/herself to thoroughly study each and every thing in a chosen topic from the relevant field. And prepare a report accordingly for the same. A dissertation is more or less a self-learning course which involves the preparation of a report which documents the study, research, understand, observe and conclusions undertaken by the student.
When preparing any kind of report bear in mind, that every assumption or statement you make needs to have supporting evidence or theories. And when you make observations of any kind, it’s best if you use a real life scenario. Since its easier to understand like that.

Here a few lists of fresh dissertation topics for fashion marketing that you can use

  1. The impact of celebrities endorsing on purchase of goods- does it really work?
  2. With respect to the Swimsuit Industry, assess and examine the youth brand loyalty.
  3. With respect to the scenario in the United States ‘ Footwear Industry discuss the factors that help in understanding competition and success factors.
  4. Observe, assess and compare the impact of the communications in the marketing of the Footline Company as a result of the behavior of its loyal consumer base.
  5. With respect to the pop-up stores in fashion retailing, discuss the definition of temporary retailing relationship of outlet stores and flagship sores.
  6. With respect to the competiveness of the manufacturing of clothes in China, discuss if design is more important than mass producing of clothes.
  7. The effect on brand equity in Sweden due the end of use program and its influences.
  8. Discuss and explain the online consumer’s perspective and views on digital fashion branding magazines
  9. Why is social media important? Discuss its importance in creating a higher brand equity.
  10. Make a study on the feasibility of the public showroom that serve as means in bridging the gap in the fashion industry.
  11. How a life-long friendship between Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn changed the fashion world as we know it.
  12. Discuss some of the most fashionable women in the world in retrospective.
  13. How Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is capturing the minds of the designers today.

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